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aus: J.E. Bode,
Anleitung zur Kenntnis des gestirnten
Himmels, 6. Auflage, Berlin 1792
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"The appeal of observing double stars is the fun of measuring a difficult or long-neglected pair, and the fact that your data become part of a progression of measurements spanning over two centuries - data that may be combined with measures made long before you were born and used by someone long after you're gone."

William I. Hartkopf (in JDSO Vol. 6 Nr. 1, 2010)

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  • De novis in coelo sidereo phaenomenis in miris stellarum fixarum comitibus, Christian Mayer, Mannheim 1779
  • Ad Augustissimam Russiarum Omnium Imperatricen Catharinam II. Alexiewnam Expositio De Transitu Veneris Ante Discum Solis D. 23 Maii, 1769, Christian Mayer, St. Petersburg 1769